2nd Quarter 2024 Vetta Way Winners

Big congratulations to our 2nd Quarter Vetta Way Winners!

We are proud to announce our Vetta Way Winners for April, May and June 2024. These individuals were nominated by their facility because they exemplify doing things the “Vetta Way.” Stay tuned for social media spotlights for each of our winners. Let’s celebrate their excellence! 

Susie (Sunset, Pickleball): Susie exudes Vetta’s core values. Tough on court and friendly off court, she has a large following and receives many positive reviews. We’re happy to have her on our team!

Mona (Concord, Pickleball): Mona is a reliable instructor who makes our lives easy. A social butterfly off the court, she’s always ready to chat and challenge you on the court.

Art (Concord, Racquet Sports): Art has been a consistent and reliable teammate. He never leaves a task unfinished and is always a great person to work with.

Alexis (Vetta 70, Party Player): Alexis is always ready to help, training staff and making kids smile. She embodies our core values and makes every party a fun, memorable experience.

Alex (Concord, Summer Camp): Alex is reliable and always in a great mood. Friendly and great with kids, he goes above and beyond, keeping the facility in top shape and excelling in the concession stand.

Alex (West, Tennis Coach): Alex is a fantastic junior program coach. Always prepared and eager to learn, he makes clinics fun, and the kids love having him around.

Amar (Concord, F&B): Amar exceeds expectations every time he works. Always on time, in Vetta Wear, courteous to customers and staff, knowledgeable and helpful. We are very lucky to have him.

Ellen (Manchester, Coach/Counselor): Ellen consistently goes above and beyond as a coach and camp counselor. Her leadership and willingness to take on challenges make her a valuable asset to Vetta.

Alpho (St. Charles, Kickaroos): Alpho is a fan favorite among kiddos and parents alike. Always helping out and improving our program, he’s a great friend and teammate. Learn something about his magical hometown, Brazil!

Diana (Sunset, Front Desk Manager): Diana joined Vetta in Fall 2023 and quickly became an invaluable desk manager. She handles her job with enthusiasm and compassion, earning many customer compliments.

Jim (Soccerdome, ISL): Coach Jim exemplifies the Vetta Way! Always ready to assist, deeply invested in each athlete’s growth, and dedicated to their development on and off the field.

Thank you for ALL you do!

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