Spring Break Camp

January 22nd 2019

Whether you're looking for a babysitter, or just a break, Vetta Sports Spring Break Camp is a healthy, safe, and affordable option for children ages 5-12 years old.

Each year we try to make our camp a little different and a little better, while maintaining the confidence and trust of our customers that their children will have fun and be safe.

Camps are set up with a variety of fun activities including soccer, kickball, inflatables, arts & crafts and much more!

Vetta Sports Spring Break Camps are offered at 4 area locations- Concord in South county, Soccerdome in Mid county, Manchester in West county and St. Charles. With locations throughout the metro area, we are sure to be in your neighborhood!

Location Dates
Concord 3/18-3/22
Soccerdome 3/18-3/22
Manchester 3/18-3/22
St. Charles 3/11-3/15 and 3/18-3/22

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