Who is Vetta????

Cannot believe the kids are back in school- in my house we still haven't gotten into the groove of homework, sports and after school activities!

The kids are already bringing home works of art- and if you are anything like me- you hate to throw away their masterpieces. I found a coupon code and ordered a memory box for each child for the school year. Love this! http://www.papercoterie.com/product/memory-keepers/

Once the kids are back in school- that means we are rolling into our busy season....thus marking our Annual Managers Meeting..

The big take home from our meeting was.... we do what we do because of YOU! Have you ever wondered what Vetta stood for? "Who is Vetta""

Most people don't know that Vetta was an actual person, someone's Mother and Grandmother. Did you know that Vetta Sports is a family owned, family run business... in today's world that is not common.

Vetta really means Family to us, we hope that we are making Yiayia Vetta proud.

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