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2015 FAQ'S SUMMER SPORTS CAMP FAQ'S   We have registered for camp, now what do I do? What should my child bring/wear?
Youth League FAQ's   Click Here to View our FAQ Page!  
Summer Camp~ St. Charles CAMP calendar- click here ABC's of CAMP-Click Here
High School Leagues Indoor Soccer Leagues Hosted by Vetta Sports St. Charles GAMES Each league will consist of 8 games  Cost of League: Veries depending on season.  Please look below.
Vetta Sports St. Charles is no longer offering Softball    
Spring Camp at St. Charles Spring break Camp Vetta Sports St. Charles will offer two weeks of Spring Break camp.  Sign up for one or if you are lucky enough sign up for both. Space is limited and this is sure to be a week of fun for kids of any age.   Spring Break Camp
Field Trips at St. Charles Vetta Sports- St. Charles has two full size indoor fields, a lobby that seats 80 + along with a private party space that seats 20! (This does not include our bleacher seating OR Mezzanine Level with inflatables!) We host daycare, preschools, camps, elementary groups, teams, year end school parties, Boy Scouts, Girl Scout troops, lock-in's, small business groups and more!
Adult Softball games Each league will consist of 8 games (7 regular season games and 1 playoff game).
Youth Leagues at St. Charles INDOOR SOCCER LEAGUE STARTS november 1st 2015 GAMES ONLY All Registration Fees Included in the team Price Kindergarten and 1st grade Team Price = $595 for 10 games (no additional fees) Kindergarten and 1st grade play on smaller field size 2nd grade through 8th grade Team Price = $895 for 10 games (no additional fees) Recreational, Recreational
Fall Camp at St. Charles There is something to be said for longevity, and the Vetta Sports Camps have been around now for 20 + years.  Each year we try to make our camp a little different and a little better, while maintaining the confidence and trust of our customers that their children will have fun and be safe. Now accepting enrollment for our Fall Camp! Both the Francis Howell School District and St. Cletus will be on break at this time.