How do you choose the right camp for your family?

When I was a child…I don t think there were Summer Sports Camps. Really I don’t. I remember going to a daycare and sitting all day with little ones. The highlight of my day was playing outside at recess or outdoor play time.

We did play Red Rover…do kids still play that?

Fast forward – times sure have changed…the options are endless nowdays for parents to choose from. What factors are most important when making your child’s summer camp/care decisions?

Reputation Activities/Variety Referrals from friends Safety/Training Weekly vs Daily Registration Camp Hours Pricing

If I were a kid again and summer sports camp was available- I probably would’ve had to walk miles in the heat- all uphill (mind you)… to get to where the fun was. 🙂

Hopefully one day…my kids will look back at their childhood and remember all of the awesome summers spent at Vetta and smile.

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