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We've received your application and your team is now registered. Here's the general outline of "what's next":

  1. You will get an email within 72 hours on "next steps".
  2. We will give you your teams updated status on Friday December 28th.

This is a team application – individuals without a team should use our find a team form.

Do not fill out this form if you are not the the main contact. Only one main contact per application please.

If you are a player wanting to add yourself to your coach's roster, please contact your coach directly.

Reminders for Manchester, Soccerdome, and Concord locations:

  • Minimum number of rostered players needed to form a team.
  • Yearly registration fee required. Each player will be required to pay the fee if they expire anytime during the length of the current league.

Need to contact us?

  • For the Concord or Soccerdome locations call 314-842-3111 ext 111 or email [email protected]
  • For the Manchester 636-391-1227 ext 105 St. Charles location call 636-498-4625 ext 12 or email [email protected]

Please take the time to read each statement below and check the corresponding box. If you have any concerns, please contact your league director.

By choosing a 2nd or 3rd location, you are committing to this location 100% if your first choice cannot be met.


Contact Info

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Team Info

If same as primary contact or unknown, leave blank.
If unknown, can be added later.
Number of Pre-K Players*
Number of Kind Players*
Number of 1st Grade Players*
Number of 2nd Grade Players*
Number of 3rd Grade Players*
Number of 4th Grade Players*
Number of 5th Grade Players*
Number of 6th Grade Players*
Number of 7th Grade Players*
Number of 8th Grade Players*
Number of 9th Grade Players*
Number of 10th Grade Players*

Skill Level

  • Recreational teams are teams with no select players in that grade/age.
  • Younger select players may play up into a Recreational league unless they are "A" level select.
  • Leagues are divided out by grade, even if a "U" team we will place in the appropriate bracket.
  • Some grades may be combined to ensure a formed division.
  • Players may not play down a grade, unless combined bracket is in play.

If you say "No" your team may be dropped without notice if a league is not available. If you say "Yes" you are 100% sure (no conversation needed, though we may be in contact).

This may include moving from Rec to Rec-Plus or Rec-Plus into a Rec league a grade higher. For Select teams this may mean moving up into a Rec or Rec-Plus a grade higher. We reserve the right not to move a team if it feels it is not in the best interest of the league.

Liability Waiver

  • A $200 deposit is required with your team application secured with a credit card.
  • At this time, your card will not be charged.
  • In the event that your team or players have not paid, or your teams drops from the league after being accepted, your credit card may be charged up to the full amount of the league fees owed.

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