Vetta Way Winners for January 2014!

We are proud to introduce our January Vetta Way Winners! The following employees were nominated by their facility because they exemplify the Vetta Way of doing things!

SOCCERDOME Didier – Soccer Referee

Always shows up for his shifts early and gets prepared for his games. Writes his games down, gets game ball ready and cleaned. Covers shifts where needed. He enjoys reffing and being around the customers. Comes to work with all the FISH qualities…

MANCHESTER Jack M. – Food & Beverage/Party Support

Definitely enjoys working at Vetta and it shows when you see him interact with customers. Has recently taken on a bar shift, and provides excellent customer service and is always smiling. Greets all customers and always says Hello and Thank You. When working as a Party Player interacts well with all kids and is energetic from the first party he works until his day ends. Without being asked ahead of time, when we had the heavy snow, he arrived at 5:30AM for a 6AM shift and immediately started working on prepping the sidewalks/parking lots; first game was at 7AM…


Drew has been with us for several years and consistently goes above and beyond to help the customer. Not only is he an excellent coach but he helps in other departments when he can. He is not shy about trying to resolve a customer’s request.

BIG THANK YOU TO OUR JANUARY VETTA WAY WINNERS! To view past Vetta Way Winners check out… and

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