Vetta Way Winners for March 2014!

JOSH S – Soccerdome

Josh has been working in our Food & Beverage Dept since January of 2014. Nominating managers have this to say about him Josh is a great employee. He’s very mindful of how things work at Vetta, he is quick to learn things so that he can answer any questions the customers might have. Always on time, if not early, for his shifts. He s friendly and represents all of the Vetta attributes that we want our employees to display! Way to go Josh!

MICHAEL W – Manchester

Michael has been officiating league play for Vetta Sports since November of 2009. His nominating managers have this to say about him… What is there NOT to say about Michael? He has been at fixture on the field for numerous years at Vetta and ALWAYS represents Vetta in the best way. Most recently he filled in on Friday Night Men’s Over 30 League and a comment was made Mike is one of the best referees if not the best referee working for Vetta! He always seems to be enjoying himself while we enjoy playing soccer! Officiates with confidence and has a mutual respect for players on the field. Hire more like him!!! He goes above and beyond and is always helping cover shifts when needed. Way to go Mike!

COREY H – St. Charles

Corey has worked in various capacities at Vetta Sports St. Charles since April of 2009. Corey’s nominating managers have this to say about him… Corey is always a team player. Whether working concessions, officiating, trade shows, parades (mascot), assisting with classes or camp or even covering shifts – Corey is always willing to step up and help. Corey has grown so much through the years and is a great asset to the St. Charles team. Way to go Corey!

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