Why Play Indoor Soccer?

Indoor Soccer is a favorite activity for many youth (and adults) in the community. When we ask an unbiased group of children if they prefer to play indoor or outdoor, we get a resounding majority that say indoor.

Here are their reasons why they love indoor…

  • Fast paced, no out of bounds
  • More goals
  • Smaller field = more touches on the ball
  • Enjoy the music
  • Temperature!

We asked parents the same questions and here is what they had to say…

  • Love the viewing area
  • No rainouts or bad weather
  • Love the game email reminders
  • Concession stand availability
  • Clean restrooms!

What did our coaches have to say after playing indoor?

  • Over the years, our games at Vetta have been a special bonding experience for players and their parents
  • Quality referee s and well maintained field/board/turf
  • Youth leagues are well managed and teams are evenly matched
  • Nice facilities, good concession stand, organized league, good competition, and reasonably priced
  • Friendly staff, organized, good team placement in our bracket
  • Keeps kids getting good touches on the ball in the off season
  • Communication and facility in general are worth the further drive for us
  • I would recommend Vetta. We’ve played here for a few years and overall it has been a positive, fun experience for the team
  • Well lit quality fields
  • Great location and organization
  • I like the level of competition, field quality, and league organization
  • Fun, relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere compared to other indoor facilities in the area
  • Games start on time
  • Good refs and well organized
  • Great fast pace fun for the kids!
  • Excellent job working with conflicts
  • Good program and great opportunity for kids to stay active during winter months
  • Evaluating game results a few weeks in to determine teams in correct league, making adjustments when teams are ahead by 5 goals, and not posting the additional goals but just recording them
  • The employees are pretty awesome

Find out why Parents, Coaches and Kids love playing indoor. Register your team for indoor before 9/30 and get a FREE practice! Must be used by 10/30/2018.

If you would like to share our youth indoor league info with your parish/ tournament directors/ club/ parents, please contact Vetta Sports Youth League Directors:

St. Charles and Manchester: Michael Payne at mpayne@vettasports.com , 636-498-4625 x 103

Concord and Soccerdome: Kori Linek at klinek@vettasports.com, 314-842-3111 x 111

For more information about our youth indoor soccer leagues, go to VettaSports.com/ysl




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