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Why you’ll love soccer at VETTA

Teenagers Love It

  • Our Leagues are fast paced
  • Lots of scoring, great music, great fun
  • An active way to hang out with friends

Coaches Love It

  • Turf fields (same surface as many outdoor games)
  • Flexible scheduling around conflicts
  • Players build on different sets of skills – quick thinking, faster-paced, more touches on ball

Parents Love It

  • Great viewing
  • No rain outs – comfortable, clean and fun facilities
  • Convenient concession stand with variety of options

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Looking to join a team?

If you are a player or parent of a player looking for a team, click below to be added to our Youth League Free Agent list! This list provides league coaches a resource of players to build or fill a team.

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Don’t Wait For A Team.

Vetta Sports Instructional Soccer League is ready to place you on a team for soccer success!

The goal is to create a fun experience and encourage opportunities for every player. Registration is for individual players – teams are coed and built by age – but we encourage you to sign up with friends!