Youth Soccer Leagues

See why coaches, kids, and parents love our leagues.

Kickaroos - Soccer for Kids Ages 1.5 - 5

An active introduction to sports for your toddlers and tykes.

Have your party at our place!

Awesome inflatables, private party rooms, and active sports parties for your birthday child and their friends.

STL Cup Adult Indoor Soccer Tournament

For local and regional teams with a focus on great competition, outstanding playing fields, and providing a unique tournament experience.

Instructional Soccer Leagues

A soccer program for boys & girls 5 - 18, no experience required.

Fall & Winter Junior Tennis Clinics

Now offering clinics in St. Charles and St. Louis counties!

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January 23rd 2017

January 23rd 2017

January 23rd 2017

January 23rd 2017



Announcing Vetta West
on Show Me St. Louis

Kickaroos in Action!


The Vetta Way starts here!


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