Youth Soccer Leagues

See why coaches, kids, and parents love our leagues.

Holiday Sports Camps in Illinois

Holiday break soccer & all-day sports camps at Vetta Sports - O'Fallon, and Sportsplex in Belleville.

Holiday Classic 2016

Our annual indoor soccer tournament for boys & girls is back. As always, our #1 Goal is fun for all participants!

Have your party at our place!

Awesome inflatables, private party rooms, and active sports parties for your birthday child and their friends.

Instructional Soccer Leagues

A soccer program for boys & girls 5 - 18, no experience required.

Fall & Winter Junior Tennis Clinics

Now offering clinics in St. Charles and St. Louis counties!

Latest News

November 21st 2016

Holiday Sports Camps in Illinois

Active & affordable day camps during the holiday break, featuring a morning soccer camp at Vetta Sports - O'Fallon and an all-day sports camp at Vetta Sports - Sportsplex in Belleville.

October 26th 2016

Dan Whitley Selected President of USA Racquetball

Congratulations to our very own Dan Whitley! He was recently selected President of USA Racquetball.

October 25th 2016

Vetta Way Winners: July- September 2016

We are proud to announce our Vetta Way Winners for July- September 2016! Big Congrats to our Vetta Way Winners! These individuals were nominated because they exemplify doing things the "Vetta Way." Shout out to Annie at St. Charles, Austin at Manchester, Abby at Soccerdome, Stephanie, Abbie and Ben at Concord, Sheila at O'Fallon, Alyssa at Sportsplex and Lucena at West!



Announcing Vetta West
on Show Me St. Louis

Kickaroos in Action!


The Vetta Way starts here!


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