What Is Kickaroos?

Kickaroos is a simple, fun and active introduction to sports for kids ages 18 months to 6 years.

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Kickaroos Curriculum

Our programs include more than soccer and exercise. Kickaroos is having fun with a purpose!

Child Centered

Our classes focus on the development of mental and physical health.


Removing pressures of winning help children focus on building skill.


Developing soccer and life skills while having fun and exercising.


Fun learning to reach children on a non-conventional level.

Kickaroos Classes & Registration

A variety of FUNdamental classes for future soccer stars!


18 – 24 mos

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2 – 3 yrs

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2 1/2 – 3 1/2 yrs

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3 – 4 yrs

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3 – 4 yrs

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4 – 5 yrs

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5 – 6 yrs

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What Players Are Saying About Kickaroos

Kickaroos 4

Being able to play with friends and scoring goals. He’s also highly motivated by the incentives (stamps) and praise coaches give for listening and participating.

Kickaroos 5

As a grandparent now and a parent of children that played many sports, I appreciate how Coach Mike interacts with the kids.

Kickaroos 1

Coach Mike, Austin, Carly, and Bree were all fantastic.

Kickaroos 3

Loved the entire program.

Kickaroos 2

Great organization to start kids off with sports. Facility is great too.

Vetta Sports Locations

Indoor and outdoor soccer locations around the St. Louis area.