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Vetta Sports Scholarship Program: “Leon and Johanna Spanos Scholarship”

The purpose of the Leon and Johanna Spanos Scholarship Awards is to provide college scholarship awards to Vetta employees who have an excellent work ethic and are committed to the Vetta Way. If chosen for this scholarship, selected candidates may receive up to $1,000.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Selection Criteria 

1.  Worked at Vetta Sports for a minimum of six months (as a current or seasonal employee)

2. Application selection can be based on academics, performance at Vetta or other criteria

3. Enrolled or enrolling in college level classes

4. Brief letter of recommendation

  • Leon and Johanna Spanos Scholarship Application

    Due March 20th, 2021

    For those who meet the selection criteria, please fill out the below application to be considered for this scholarship.

  • Your Vetta manager, a school, coach or business associate
    Drop files here or
  • Conditions Upon Receiving

    If you are selected for a scholarship, we request the following:
    • Come to an onsite staff training session and describe why you think you received the Scholarship/ what you’re doing with it/ how it helped you on your journey/ why others should apply.
    • Attend an onsite congratulatory celebration, likely at a Vetta quarterly managers meeting.
    • Agree Vetta will celebrate and promote your scholarship in social media and the Vetta Sports website and other promotional materials related to the scholarship program.

What Parents Are Saying:

Kickaroos 1

Coach Mike, Austin, Carly, and Bree were all fantastic.

Site 2

“It’s a great way for kids to learn soccer and get a lot of experience.”

Site 1

“Every coach we have had at Vetta (Matt, Tyler, Brian, Joe and Ben) have been wonderful and great with the kids.”

Site 3

“Practice and games together. She loves it and has grown a lot this season. It was her first season. We will be back.”

Site 4

“The program was very organized and well run. Both my kiddos (K & 2nd grade) really enjoyed their seasons. We will be back in the fall!”

Site 5

“The coaches are supportive and upbeat. This is my child’s first time playing soccer and she’s totally fallen in love with the game thanks to her coach.”

Site 6

“My son has grown as a soccer player and as an individual. I couldn’t be happier.”

Kickaroos 2

Great organization to start kids off with sports. Facility is great too.

Kickaroos 3

Loved the entire program.

Kickaroos 4

Being able to play with friends and scoring goals. He’s also highly motivated by the incentives (stamps) and praise coaches give for listening and participating.

Kickaroos 5

As a grandparent now and a parent of children that played many sports, I appreciate how Coach Mike interacts with the kids.

Tennis West

Vetta is a great environment for teaching kids the correct way to play tennis in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Tennis Concord

I definitely would recommend Vetta tennis because I thought the coach and the facilities were amazing!

Tennis Concord

The coaches are very encouraging to both of our kids attending the clinic. We have a Junior in high school and a freshman who just started playing and she loves it. Thank you for being so great with the kids.


Would definitely recommend due to the quality instructors, ease of enrollment, great facilities, and our own great experiences with their program.


Great coaches, solid program curriculum, no rain outs!

Summer Camp 2020

This was my son’s first time at Vetta Summer Camp and he had the best time. I only signed him up for one week not knowing if he would like it, but he wants to go ALL SUMMER next year!

Summer Camp 2020

My child always has a smile on her face when I pick her up from Vetta St. Charles Summer Camp!


Susie and Mike are awesome Pickleball instructors! Came in as beginner and totally welcomed! Invited to open play and meet friendly ladies???

Summer Camp 2020

Vetta Soccerdome communication was fantastic with an appreciated weekly outline ahead of time!