Kids Summer Camps in O Fallon, Illinois


If you’d like your children to spend their summer actively, the Vetta Sports children’s summer camps in O’Fallon, St. Clair County, IL and elsewhere in the St. Louis area can be a wonderful choice. In our sport camps, children have loads of fun while taking part in a handful of different activities. After spending their whole day at the camp, kids are picked up by their parents, spend the night at home, and come back in the morning. If you’re on holiday as well, you can choose our indoor summer camps or outdoor summer camps which take place for a few hours daily, enabling your children to play and practice soccer and still spend time with you for the larger part of the day.


Our summer camps are usually organized for two or three different age groups, including 5-9 years, 10-12 years, and 13-14 years. For the latter group, we recommend taking part in our indoor or outdoor summer soccer camps, while all the other kids can spend their days in our classic summer camps where learning and playing are combined to create a fun and good-natured environment which is still very beneficial to the children. Your kids can make friends with other children of their age while spending their time in the camp and continue the friendships even when the camp is over.


We organize summer soccer camps and sport summer camps for older children in our O’Fallon, St. Clair County location in Illinois, but you can always pick one of our other locations, as each of the venues is special and differs a little in the summer camp program. Our other venues in Illinois and Missouri include Belleville, Webster Groves, St. Charles, Concord, and Manchester. If you’d like to learn more about the programs of the camps outside of O’Fallon, please contact the venues directly and our friendly staff will be sure to help you out.


Vetta Sports has been in the business of organizing children’s summer camps for more than 20 years, and we’ve learned a lot during this period. We’re getting better and better every year, and both the children and their parents seem to be very happy with our efforts. Constant improvement is one of the staples of our business, and our clients have been pleased with the progress we’re making, but we’re not stopping here and we’ll make sure that the next year’s camp is even better than the previous one.


In our traditional summer camps where children spend their whole day, we provide them with lots and lots of quality time, making sure they learn something in addition to having an entertaining time. In our camps, children race in the inflatable obstacle course, take part in arts and crafts lessons, practice soccer, go roller skating, and participate in our incredible field trips. This way, we’re creating a balance between learning and fun which seems to be liked really well by the children.


For the parents who wouldn’t like to leave their children in the camp for the whole day, we offer exclusive kids’ indoor soccer summer camps, where they can learn all the moves and tricks of soccer while spending just a few hours in the camp each day. Our summer soccer camps are conducted by expert coaches who teach children how to shoot, dribble, pass, and receive the ball before taking part in fun games between small teams.


The Vetta Sports children’s outdoor soccer summer camps are very similar to our indoor summer camps, but take place outside instead. When the weather’s good enough, kids spend their time learning and practicing soccer outdoors, so they can breathe fresh air at all times. The outdoor summer camps are also supervised by great coaches with years of experience who know how to have fun with the children or cheer them up whenever it’s necessary.


Vetta Sports offers a great opportunity for your children to immerse themselves in sporty activities during summer instead of sitting around at home. Kids make a lot of new friends in our camps and have a wonderful time each and every day. We also usually have a few promotions in place to make our prices even more affordable, allowing all parents to send their kids to have some fun in the summer camp. So pick any Vetta Sports summer camp close to St. Louis and call us to book a place for your kids – you’ll notice that they come back from the camp with smiles on their faces and can’t wait to go back the next morning. There’s truly no better reward for our work than the compliments we receive from children.

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