Who Wants to Learn Pickleball?

Who Wants to Learn Pickleball in St. Louis?

Have you ever played pickleball? For the uninitiated, an ultra simplified explanation of pickleball is that it is a cousin to tennis. The main differences are that pickleball uses big, wide Custom Pickleball Paddles and a large plastic ball. The net is also much lower than in tennis. In some ways, it’s life-sized ping-pong. It’s an incredibly fun game and well worth giving a try if you’ve never played before.

Luckily for you newbies, Vetta Sports has just the thing. Starting this October 1 with sessions starting through March 19, our Pickleball Clinicscan teach you the basics of pickleball and get you on the court. Pickleball is available at our Concord and West locations.

Below are the Clinics available:

  • Pickleball PB101 Introduction – designed to teach brand new players the basics of pickleball.
  • Pickleball PB201 Intermediate Drills Clinic – designed to help experienced players at the 3.0 and 3.5 skill levels improve.
  • Pickleball PB250 Intermediate Doubles Clinic (3.0, 3.5 skill levels) – the majority of time spent is on drills and games to improve you and your partner’s doubles skills.

If you already know how to play, you can also stop by and play on one of our 24 indoor pickleball courts. Courts are assigned by skill level, and equipment is on-site and ready to be used. We offer drop in open play from September 12, 2018 running through April 26, 2019.

Become a Member Today

Pickleball memberships are available for $16 per month with no 12-month commitments! As you can see from the prices above, members get half-price access to the pickleball classes and courts. Our Vetta pros are available to assist you and teach you more about the game. Memberships are reciprocal between West and Concord, and include access to locker rooms, bar, lounge, and towel service.

Members can also reserve courts for special member pricing, with a $5 fee per non-member. To reserve court time, call (314) 842-3111 ext. 2 or West at (636) 441-0006.

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