1st Quarter 2024 Vetta Way Winners

Big congratulations to our 1st Quarter Vetta Way Winners!

We are proud to announce our Vetta Way Winners for January, February and March 2024. These individuals were nominated by their facility because they exemplify doing things the “Vetta Way.” Stay tuned for social media spotlights for each of our winners. Let’s celebrate their excellence! 

Kseniya Zonova (Sunset- Tennis Teaching Pro ): Positive attitude, dependable, true asset to the program.

Lucy Paro (West – Tennis Teaching Pro): Organized and fun clinics, covers for other coaches, punctual and cheerful.

Rick Pfeifle (West & Gametime – Pickleball Teaching Pro): Willing to help, always cheerful, brings a smile to work.

Rich Magee (Concord – Pickleball Teaching Pro): Versatile, covers shifts, makes colleagues’ lives easier.

Sam Voegtli (Concord – Racquet Sports Desk): Super reliable, goes the extra mile for coworkers.

Jerry Forno (St. Charles – Kickaroos/ISL/Camp): Brings laughter, makes sessions enjoyable.

Ethan Menne (Concord – ISL & Kickaroos): Respected, top coach, goes above and beyond.

Quincy Meyer (Concord – Food & Beverage): Positive attitude, makes customers feel welcome, lends a helping hand.

Ella Ferguson (Manchester – ISL/Kickaroos/Camp): Valuable teammate since 2019, encourages kids and ensures fun.

Sam Ehrhard (Vetta 70 – Inline Referee): Team player, willing to pick up extra shifts, brings positivity.

Trish Eddy (Gametime – Front Desk): Friendly teammate, embraces responsibilities, assists in training.

Mavis Causey (Soccerdome – Food & Beverage): Shows up with an upbeat attitude, invaluable to the team.

Thank you for ALL you do!

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