4th Quarter 2020 Vetta Way Winners

Thank you for ALL you do!

Big congratulations to our 4th Quarter Vetta Way Winners!

We are proud to announce our Vetta Way Winners for October, November and December of 2020. These individuals were nominated by their facility because they exemplify doing things the “Vetta Way.”


Vetta St. Charles

Brendan is a key player within many departments here at St. Charles. He continually works towards professional growth. When given a task, there is no doubt that it will be taken to the finish line. He is a team player and is always looking for ways to support the management team.


Referee / MOD
Vetta 70

Kavan has continually stepped into any and every role we have asked of him. He’s eager for new learning opportunities, personable and makes every attempt to connect to our customers – providing a fun and individualized experience for each person who walks in our doors.


Tennis Pro
Vetta West

Scott has been a great addition to the team since he’s been on board. He’s always trying to make his clinics fun and gives good instruction on court. Scott makes our tennis staff stronger. He does great with all ages and skill levels.


Referee & Referee Manager
Vetta Manchester

Pams work ethic is unmatched. She knows all the coaches and players by name It is clear she loves being on the fields. We receive compliments from customers about Pam almost every time she works.


Vetta Soccerdome

Scott represents all of Vetta’s core values every time he steps onto the field. He is always available to help out in any way that he can. He is a great representation of Vetta Sports and is an exceptional leader for all of our new referees. We appreciate all you do for us and happy that you are a part of our Vetta Sports Team!


Front Desk
Vetta Racquet Sports Concord

Clara joined us in September and we are so glad she is on our team! Clara always goes the extra mile for customers and coworkers and is always up for a challenge. Thanks for all you do Clara!


Vetta Concord

Bob is an excellent employee and referee. He is an asset as both a referee and a trainer and he referees adults, high school and youth. He is almost always willing to pick up shifts. Thank you Bob for a job well done.


Vetta Concord

Brian is a youth referee and also trains referees. He comes earlier than needed just to make sure the building is ready and helps get the fields ready without being asked to do so. He is a great person all around. We appreciate you Brian!

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