Kids Summer Camps in St. Louis

Active, affordable, fun!

Trying to find some great options for children’s summer camps near St. Louis, Missouri? Then you should definitely consider choosing the Vetta Sports indoor or outdoor summer soccer camps with multiple locations throughout the Metro Saint Louis region (including Mid County, South County, North County, West County, and East County) and camp times which suit the needs of working parents. All of our children’s summer camps are focused on sports, primarily soccer, so you can be sure that your kids are spending their time actively with constant supervision by professional coaches and camp coordinators.

A Range of Camp Locations Close to St. Louis, MO

We organize indoor summer camps and outdoor summer camps for kids in different locations every year, but they still happen in a few of the Vetta Sports venues throughout South County and elsewhere around St. Louis, MO. These sport camp locations include O’Fallon and Columbia in Illinois and Webster Groves, St. Charles, Concord, and Manchester in Missouri. All of these venues are fairly close to each other, so you should have no problems finding the right sport summer camp for your children. br

Children’s Summer Sports Camps for All Ages

Vetta Sports constantly organizes sport camps for toddlers and older kids alike. The age range depends on each particular camp, but we usually have something to offer for children aged 18-24 months, 2-4 years, 5-9 years, 10-12 years, and 13-14 years. Our special Kickaroos program is created for kids aged 3.5-5 years and involves a lot of playing around with a soccer ball and training in the technical aspects of the sport. The main goals of our sport camps are learning something new and having loads of fun, so you can expect your kids to love every minute spent in the camp. br

Fun Summer Camp Activities

Our toddlers’ summer camps in St. Louis and those organized for older children vary a little in program, but most of them include the fun activities which are usual to a gym class. In addition to that, the Vetta Sports kids’ indoor soccer summer camps and those organized outdoors usually include inflatable obstacle courses, roller skating, arts and crafts, and amazing field trips. Each of the camps we organize differs in its program, but we make sure that the kids love every activity that is presented to them. br

Children’s Indoor Soccer Summer Camps

¨C11C Vetta Sports has years of experience in organizing indoor summer soccer camps for kids. Each camp varies in location and the age of children who are invited, but most of our indoor soccer camps continue for 4 days. Children are trained in various aspects of soccer technique, including passing, receiving, shooting, and dribbling, and can test out their skills in small-sided games against other children. Our professional coaches always make sure that all kids are having fun while learning something new. br ¨C12C ¨C13C

Kids’ Outdoor Soccer Summer Camps

¨C14C In addition to the indoor summer camps for toddlers and children, Vetta Sports also organizes a selection of children’s outdoor soccer summer camps. The camp’s location varies each year, but it always happens in one of our six locations mentioned above. The outdoor soccer camps are supervised by professional coaches who train children in the technical aspects of soccer such as shooting, passing, receiving, and dribbling, and make sure that the kids are having a great time by organizing small-sided games. br ¨C15C ¨C16C

Our Long-term Experience

¨C17C Vetta Sports has been organizing summer camps for toddlers and older kids for more than 20 years. Such experience allows us to organize events which are loved by children and their parents, but we don’t stop here and make sure that each camp is better than the previous one. Constant improvements allowed us to become one of the most popular options for children’s summer camps in the region. Our camps are a great deal if you’re looking for some extra activities for your kids during the summer holidays, and our special offers and promotions make them a really affordable option.¨C18C ¨C19C

Book a Summer Camp for Your Kid Today

¨C20C If you’d like your kids to have an active and entertaining time when you’re at work or at home in summer, the Vetta Sports indoor and outdoor summer camps for children up to 14 years old are a great choice. You can pick between our summer camps at a number of locations where kids spend their whole day and soccer camps, where children are trained the specifics of the sport while having a great time, which continue for 1.5-2 hours. All camps have a few things in common: children are supervised by professional staff, they learn something new every day, they spend their time actively, and they have loads of fun each and every time. Pick a camp which suits your and your children’s needs the best from our website, give us a call, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know.¨C21C

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