What is Kickaroos?

The Kickaroos program has been offered by Vetta Sports since 2000 and is now powered by a nationally-recognized child curriculum. With more than 1,600 boys and girls ages 18 months to six years enrolled in its programs on a weekly basis, Kickaroos is a building block to soccer’s popularity across St. Louis. But, Kickaroos is more than just soccer.

Kickaroos is a child development program for children 18 months to 6 years, filled with creativity, high energy coaches and loads of fun. Our innovative curriculum and child-centered teaching methods are just what your child needs to learn soccer, plus a whole lot more. Classes are age- appropriate and FUN! Classes run year-round with convenient class times that are available on weekdays and weekends to accommodate your family s busy schedule. Kickaroos builds strong fundamental physical skills, teaches teamwork and cooperation, and inspires confidence- all in an atmosphere where kids are successful and learning is fun.

“In Kickaroos we don’t just teach soccer to kids. Instead, we use soccer as a tool to teach kids about teamwork and cooperation,” said Manchester Kickaroos Coordinator Austin Hofmeister. “Kids have a blast learning the fundamentals of soccer while building coordination and confidence – a great combination for growing children.”

Kickaroos is carefully geared towards various age groups to maximize skills. Levels include Joeys (18 months – 24 months, parent/child class), Wallabies (2 – 3 years, beginner, parent/child class), Boomers (2.5 years-3.5 years, intermediate, parent/child class), Flyers (3 – 4 years, beginner), Bouncers (3 – 4 years, intermediate), Jacks (5 – 6 years old, beginner), Skippers (4 – 5 years, intermediate/advanced.)

When your child steps onto the field of any Kickaroos class, they will find a world designed just for them. Creative activities capture their attention, spark their imaginations and keep them entertained and engaged. Our highly trained coaches create a safe, joyful atmosphere where kids are successful and learning is a blast. Throughout the program we build athleticism, instill concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship, teach responsibility, encourage initiative and inspire confidence—we equip kids with the tools they need to be successful both on and off the soccer pitch.

Discover why folks love Kickaroos today. It s more than just soccer. Visit our website at VettaSports.com/kickaroos

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